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Underfloor Heating in Fulham

At Mirage Heating & Plumbing Supplies Ltd, our team has over 10 decades of expertise in supplying top quality plumbing supplies, boiler spares and underfloor heating systems in Fulham and the surrounding London areas. Our passion is to deliver the highest quality of service and great value for money for all of our customers.

Underfloor Heating Systems for the Fulham Area

In recent years, underfloor heating has become a lot more popular as a system to heat homes as it can be a lot more cost-effective. An underfloor system can heat a room a lot quicker on a lower temperature as it is spread across the perimeter of the whole room whereas radiators can take longer to reach the other side of the room and therefore are usually put on a higher temperature. Due to requiring a lower heat, your heating bills will be reduced.

The variety of underfloor systems and parts we stock at Mirage Heating & Plumbing Supplies Ltd is huge, meaning there’ll always be something for you. Our friendly and experienced team are always on hand to give you the best advice to ensure you choose the most suitable system for your property in Fulham. You can also always rely on us to provide you with the best value and quality for any of the parts of systems you purchase from us.

In addition to underfloor heating systems, we also have a range of other boiler spares and plumbing supplies on offer for Fulham and the surrounding areas. As well as high quality, you’ll also receive a faster service compared to other suppliers; many of our parts can be received within 24 hours.

Are you interested in having an underfloor heating system installed or would you like to find out a little more about the other supplies, spares and parts available in Fulham? Get in touch with the team at Mirage Heating & Plumbing Supplies Ltd! Fill out our online contact form or give us a call on 0208 947 6105.