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What’s the Best Type of Boiler for Your Home?

Posted on: August 3rd, 2017 by Active

A picture of a Vaillant boiler


It can be very confusing to know which type of boiler you should choose for your home; there’s now lots of types and different makes and models. At Mirage Heating, we’re making it simple for you! Some of the big brands you may be looking at are: Ideal boilers, Vaillant boilers or Worcester boilers. We offer all of them and can also provide servicing and spares for all of those brands. Below, we’ve highlighted the three main types of boilers and their benefits:


Combi boilers, also known as combination, are becoming a lot more popular due to the convenience of them being so compact. You won’t need a separate hot water cylinder or cold water tank; everything is compacted into one small unit which could fit into a cupboard! These are great for small properties and as they need a lot less pipe work, they can also be a cost effective choice.


Unlike combi, system boilers do need a separate hot water cylinder. However, they do not require a cold water tank. If you have a solar water heating system in place in your property, system boilers will be compatible with it; making them environmentally friendly. They are ideal for properties that have more than one bathroom.


If you’re looking at Ideal boilers, these are named heat only boilers. If you’re looking at Vaillant boilers, they’re called open vent. These types of boilers do need a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank. If your property has an older radiator system, you’re more likely to need to opt for a regular boiler. They also work with solar water heating systems. They’re ideal in properties with more than 2 bathrooms where a lot of hot water is used regularly.


Whether you’re looking at Ideal boilers, Vaillant boilers or Worcester boilers, we’d be happy to provide you with more information to make your choice. Or if you’re looking at using our services or other products, please do get in touch. Fill out a contact form or call us on 0208 767 9922.